Next Shows

Saturday 10th June
Willclaire Club Sheldon

Saturday 17th June
Water Orton Carnival

Saturday 24th June
Saracen Head Shirley

Saturday 1st July
Private Function

Friday 7th July

Saturday 8th July
Private Function

Friday 21st July
Rosy Macks Erdington

Saturday 5th August
Hollybush Pub Hurley Atherstone

Saturday 12th August
Private Function

Saturday 19th August
Olton Tavern Solihull

Sunday 27th August
Private Function

Friday 1st September
Dudley Vegas Night (Proceeds to Charity) Tickets Available

Saturday 16th September
Lyndon Solihull

Saturday 23rd September
Private Function

Saturday 30th September
Coleshill Tennis Club

Saturday 7th October
Mackadown Social Club Tickets Available

Saturday 14th October
The Gate Nether Whitacre LIVE BAND SHOW

Saturday 28th October
Water Orton Cricket Club

Saturday 4th November
Land Rover Social Club LIVE BAND SHOW

Saturday 11th November
Farthings Pub Castle Bromwich

Friday 24th November
Elvis Showcase Coventry

Saturday 25th November
Elvis Showcase Coventry

Saturday 2nd December
Private Function

Saturday 9th December
Clumsy Sway Yardley BIG BAND SHOW

Saturday 16th December
Sheldon Ivy Leaf BIG BAND SHOW

Saturday 23rd December
Private Function

Sunday 31st December
New Years Eve Olton Tavern Solihull

The Crew

There Is so much more to an Elvis Experience Show, than just Mark Green.

There are several people who you may never see, but who Mark cannot perform without!

Always On Stage with Mark is Mike Gunn. Mike has been Marks Premier Sound and Lighting Engineer since the very beginning, when putting a show together was just an idea. Mikes particular experience and knowledge is paramount to the success of each show. The Music that warms up the audience before Marks stint on stage is all hand picked by Mike. The chill-out tunes at the end of the evening also are chosen by Mike to fit with the audience and surroundings.

Behind the scenes is Marks long suffering wife Rachel. Rachel is Marks daily support, and his sounding board for new ideas, she may also be Marks harshest critic, if she doesn't think a song is up to scratch, then it doesn't get into the show. Rachel is Marks financial backer and enables the whole crew to have the stability of investment in the show future.Costumes and show equipment are not cheap, but if a quality and polished show is to be  achieved, then they are a necessity.  Without Rachel's continued support, the Elvis Experience would not be the fabulous spectacle that fans have been treated to in recent times.

Finally there is Ian. He Is the person responsible for the Replica 68 Comeback Stage lighting that is such  a massive part of recent shows. It is also Ian who has taken the time to put together as well as maintaining this website....